Thursday, August 18, 2011

VC Star Continues Controversy Coverage

The Ventura County Star continues its coverage of this controversy, along with my suggestion for a "foxhole atheists" poster to be added next to the current religious poster to make the display more inclusive.

The Star didn't make any mention of my request for an explanation of exactly how the current religious poster was chosen, although the current article does include a quote from Glen Becerra that "the city council doesn't get involved in [deciding what posters to hang and where], because they can be seen as politically motivated."

Ya think?  So we're to believe that the Council doesn't advise city staff about what is hung in the Council Chambers foyer, and that they refrained from offering any opinion about the current religious poster?  Becerra's and Williamson's comments the night of my presentation to the Council strongly suggested otherwise, of course.  But perhaps they can ask City Manager Mike Sedell how the poster got there and let us all know.

Mentioned only obliquely in the article is that Councilmember Williamson hadn't seen my email request, even though it was sent to her council email address (posted on the Simi Valley City Council website) on Sunday.  This, following a letter complaining to the Star that she never received my postal letters to her earlier this year!  Is the Simi Valley city communication system really that unreliable?   With such a poor record, how does anyone get an answer from the city on anything?

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  1. It would be awesome if you could post some email/postal addresses (and phone numbers?) that your readers could contact in support of your cause.

    Good luck!