Monday, February 25, 2013

55% of Ventura County residents are non-religious

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, the Ventura County Civic Alliance released a "State of the Region" Report which highlighted a number of demographics for the County of Ventura. One of the more interesting disclosures was that a majority 55% of county residents were non-religious, dwarfing the religious adherents in the county. Of the 45% of residents who considered themselves religious, almost 2/3, or 64%, considered themselves Catholic. (64% x 45% = 29% of County residents) That left only 16.2% of residents making up the remaining total religious adherents! Yet as we have seen in recent years, our local, state, and national representatives consistently and continuously prefer to promote religious favoritism, from mounting prominent signs with religious slogans in the city hall chamber at Port Hueneme to the Simi Valley city council refusing to take down a plaque which irrationally conflates religion with patriotism to our Congressional representatives Brownley & McKeon voting for a law to override Constitutional safeguards and 50 years of federal policy to provide federal funds directly to churches for rebuilding property that is damaged due to natural forces. And, of course, no elected or appointed VC official at any level has taken any interest in the ongoing disclosures from the Catholic pedophile scandal that harmed hundreds of our children in the county and continues to put them at risk. We have some of the most draconian sex-offender laws, all but stripping one-time sexual offenders of rights and dignity, requiring them to put signs on their houses and banning them from living anywhere near any schools or even opening their front doors on Halloween; yet every Catholic church and school in this county continues to operate with impunity and even political deference despite having been identified as having been complicit in supporting and protecting pedophiles that preyed on our children. Where is the sense in this? Why do our elected representatives continue to seek favors and benefits for institutions that are not sought or supported by a majority of their constituents, and to do so in the face of clear and longstanding Constitutional boundaries?


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